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On what occasions do people go to Shinto shrines?

Just as temples have danka as supporters, shrines have ujiko, which are not necessarily united by faith, but by a sense of communitv solidarity.
Most Japanese go to shrines to offer their first prayer of the year on New Yea's Day.
They pray for happiness. peace and good health in the comins year.
For wedding ceremonies, Shintoism is among the first choices for couples.
Many hotels and wedding ceremonial halls have Shinto altars, so couples do not have to go to a shrine to take their marriage vows.
When a couple has a baby, the baby is taken to a shrine around 30 days after his or her birth.
In November, on the occasion for celebrating shichi-go-san for girls at the ages of three and seven, and boys at three and five, children in their finest clothes are taken to a shrine.
Festivals, which play an important role in the lives of the Japanese as popular annual events, are also held at shrines.
The Japanese consider shrines as places of celebration.