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When was Japan's current educational system established?

The original modern educational system was established in 1872.
Before that, in the Edo period, terakoya was the place where ordinary people received an education.
At first the period of compulsory education was four years, and it was stated that everyone had an opportunity to study in the system regardless of one's social standing, sex, and whether one was rich or poor, as lone as the students paid tuition and other necessary expenses.
The system developed under the centralized government, and nationally authorized textbooks came to be used in 1903.
Compulsory education was extended to six years in 1907.
Until the end of World War II in 1945, education policy based on nationalism was emphasized.
At the time, male and female students studied in different classrooms.
The new School Education Law was enacted in 1947, by which the current school system was formed.
Under this system, six years of elementary school and three years of junior high school were made compulsory.
Advanced education, offered but not compulsory, was three years of high school and four years of university.