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What kind of crimes are the most common in Japan?

The number of reported crimes in 2002 was 2,853,739, which was the highest in postwar years.
The arrest rate was 20.8%, which was a drop after an upward trend.
For felonies such as murder, armed robbery and arson, the arrest rate was 48.6%.

The crimes are classified as follows:
Burglary 52.0%
Violent crime 14.3%
White-collar crime 3.8%
Felonies 2.2%
Sex crimes 1.7%
Other crimes 26.0%

What characterizes crimes in the 1990s is the increase of crimes using guns, although guns are illegal in Japan.
There have been an increasing number of cases where guns are used by people other than gangsters, in murders and armed robberies.
Notable trends from the second half of the 1990s were an increase in crime by non-Japanese, and heinous crimes by teenagers, although the total number was quite small - one example beine a case in July 2003 when a 14-year-old boy pushed a four-year-old boy off a building.