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Is there an organization like the FBI in Japan?

The Japanese police belong to local municipalities, and there is no police organization that conducts investigations nation-wide.
For example, Keishicho, or the Tokvo Metropolitan Police Department, is basically given the authority to operate only in the area of the local government.
Police officers work within their prefectures.
Some suggest that Japan needs an organization like the FBI which can go anywhere to investigate cases where crimes are committed by the same person or groups crossing prefectural borders, such as the incidents in which the Aum Shinrikyo religious sect was involved.
Even the National Police Agency, which is under the National Public Safety Commission, is not involved with actual investigations.
The agency's job is to obtain the budget for the police, manage operations tor national public safety, administer traffic control of main roads throughout the country, etc.
The only organization that can conduct nationwide investigation as a sin entity is the Public Security Investigation Agency, which specializes in dealing with extremists.
However, the strength of the Japanese police is that they are able to conduct nationwide investigations effectively through cooperation among the prefectural police headquarters.