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Can Japan be self-sufficient?

Compared with other developed countries, Japan is far more dependent on imported foodstuffs.
The follow chart indicates the ratio of imported provisions, beverages and fuels to the total imports of major developed countries.
        Provisions & Beverages    Fuels
Japan 11.1%    20.1%
United States 4.2%    10.9%
Germany   6.1%    8.4%
France 7.6%    9.4%
United Kjngdom 7.3%    4.3%
Italy 7.5%    9.3%
(UN Yearbook of International Trade Statics, 2001)

Japan must depend on other countries in terms of not only foodstuffs but also fuel and sources of energy for production.
Promoting farming by increasing arable land is almost impossible because a large part of former agricultural land has been used for housing, and there is very little land left to be cultivated.