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What political parties are there in Japan?

Since the beginning of the 1990s there have been a series of realignments in Japan's political world.
The breakup or the Liberal-Democratic Party, the decline of the Social Democratic Party, and transformations of the Koumeito have meant a continuing situation of great fluidity in which all cabinets since 1993 have been coalition cabinets.
However, the coalition party is mostly controlled by the LDP, and so it appears unlikely that anything will be done about the coziness of politicians, bureaucrats and business leaders and the heavily criticized political structure.
More and more people are calling for a system similar to that in the United States where the Democratic and Republican parties fight it out.
As a result, in the November 2003 general election for the House of Representatives, the Democratic Party made up ground on the LDP, New Koumeito Party and New Conservative Party coalition, moving the country closer to a two-party system.
The parties which have seats in the Diet as of September 2004 are:

The Liberal-Democratic Party
The Democratic Party ofJapan
The Social Democratic Party
The Japanese Communist Party