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What ghosts or spirits are common in Japanese folklore?

There are many comical and mischievous spirits.
Here are a few:
The first is a kappa, or water sprite, which is as tall as a four- or five-year-old child.
It has a shell on its back, a dish with water on top of its head, and fins on its hands and feet.
It lives both on land and in water.
Oni, or demons, are taller than 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) and their bodies are red, blue or black.
They have two horns protruding from their heads.
Their favorite food is human beings!
A tengu, or goblin, has a long nose and a very red face.
It wears the costume of a yamabushi, or mountain priest, and tall geta (wooden clogs).
It kidnaps children.
A hitotsume-kozo, a one-eyed goblin, literally has a large eye in the center of its face and does not play tricks.
An wmi-bozu, a sea goblin, has a big, slimy head which sticks out from the sea.
A ship's crew should ignore it if they find it in the sea.
If they do not, it will sink the ship.
A yuki-onna, or snow woman, is a snow spirit who appears in a white kimono on snowy nights.