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What forms of fortune-telling are popular among the Japanese?

Traditional fortune-telling is done using a special calendar and written oracles.The calendar indicates the norms for living and the fortune of the day.
Written oracles are fortunes which people draw, praying to the gods or to Buddha for good luck.
From ancient times, there has been a type of divination known as seimei handan, which purports to give information about a person's life, character, occupation, personal relations, etc., based on the number of strokes in the Chinese characters that form the person's name.
Even today there are many parents who pay attention to the number of strokes in the names they give to their children to improve the chances of good fortune.
Many books are sold on the subject.
Also, two kinds of fortune-telling which have become popular topics of conversation these days are horoscopes and fortune-telling by blood type.
Horoscopes are particularly popular among women.
Recently, fu-sui (wind and water), which tells fortunes based on direction, has become very popular.
Fortune-telling by blood type is based on the assumption that people have different characters according to their blood type.
Some blood types reportedly harmonize well with others and bring good luck.
This style of fortune-telling seems to be popular only in Japan.
Blood type is inherited, but whether it can help categorize or define people's characters cannot be proved medically.