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What kinds of plants are popular with Japanese?

According to a rough calculation of the total number of flowers sold domestically by flower wholesalers in 2002, chrysanthemums were ranked at the top with sales of 2 billion, carnations took second place with 500 million, roses took the third place with 450 million, and lilies and gerberas came in fourth place with 200 million.
One of the reasons why the figure for chrysanthemums is so high is that they are often used as offerings before the graves of the deceased in Buddhist rites.
Carnations are popular flowers on Mother's Day.
Roses and lilies are generally liked by people of all walks of life.
When one talks about flowers the Japanese enjoy, one cannot forget cherry blossoms.
In spring, people go out to mountains and parks to see cherry blossoms and have parties undercherrv trees.
Whenever one goes "flower viewing," one does not need to mention which flower will be viewed.