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On the average, how many New Year's cards does a person send?

About 35 per person.
That is the number attained by dividing the number of 2003 New Year's cards the Japan Post sold by the total population.
Foreign people might wonder why the Japanese send so many cards at New Year's, but those cards are similar to Christmas cards for the Japanese.
The New Year holidays are very important for the Japanese as a transition period to a new year.
They use this occasion to express gratitude to people who have in some way helped them and to send greetings to those they rarely see, informing them of how they are doing.
So it is an important custom for keeping in touch and maintaining friendships.
If cards are mailed by December 20, they will be delivered on January 1 anywhere in Japan.
Gaines are played on Wednesdays and Saturdays through the season.
Japanese soccer teams have improved over the years, and a national team was finally able to qualify in the World Cup soccer championship games in 1998.
Nakata Hidetoshi and other Japanese players have become key plavers on well-known Italian soccer teams.
In addition, the 2002 World Cup soccer championship was hosted jointly by Japan and South Korea.