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When was judo established?

Judo was established in 1882 by Kano Jigoro (1860-1938).
The origin of the techniques of judo can be found in jujutsu, which developed from warrior fighting techniques on the battlefield.
Kano, who had mastered jujutsu, was not satisfied with fighting just for the purpose of winning, and created judo which aims for both physical and mental strengthļ¼ˇ
In 1882, Kano opened the Kodokan in the Eishoji Temple in Tokvo, with only nine students in a 12 tatarni- mat room as a practice gym.
Judo is now a world sport and an Olympic event.
As a sign of the way judo competitions have become internationalized, it was decided at the general meeting of the International Judo Federation held in Paris in 1997 to introduce colored judo uniforms.
This was decided in spite of objections from the All-Japan Judo Federation, which is strongly attached to the traditional white judo uniforms.
Starting with the 1998 Hyundai World Cup for Men and Women in Minsk, Belarus, colored judo uniforms were worn for the first time at an international competition.