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What kinds of sports do the Japanese participate in?

For daily exercises for health, bowling, body exercise, jogging, and swimming are popular.
Tennis is also very popular with people in a wide range of age groups.
Decades ago people used to play baseball in vacant lots, but now it has become almost impossible to do so because there are not many vacant lots left.
Young people love soccer and basketball, but in urban areas it is very hard to find enough space to play.
So it is also common to find sports that can be enjoyed inside in a limited space.
Prime examples are table tennis and bowling, both of which are popular among people of many different age groups.
Popular among older people is the game of gate ball (croquet), which was invented in Japan.
Players divide into two teams of five persons each and try to hit a ball through a series of three gates using T-shaped sticks.
The game requires relatively little body movement but is interesting because of its teamwork-related strategies.
Although there are numerous golf courses in Japan, the green fees are so prohibitive that not everyone can enjoy this sport.
The number of opportunities to play golf at the company's expense plunged because of the economic recession.
Skiing is the favorite sport of the Japanese in winter.
The skiing population in this snowy country has increased as snow-boarding has become quite popular.