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How many people travel outside Japan?

The number of Japanese who travel abroad annually passed the 10 million mark in 1990 and has continued to grow, to a peak of 16.52 million in 2002.
This dropped, however, to 13.29 million in 2003.
The largest number of travelers, about one third of the total, go to the United States - Hawaii, in particular, has a deep-rooted popularity.
Following the United States, overseas destinations are South Korea, Europe, the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan、and Australia, in that order.
Among the reasons many travelers 20 to nearby countries is the fact that air tickets and living expenses are relatively cheap, and also the fact that "jet lag" is less of a problem because of the closeness of time zones.
It can be said that much of the interest in foreign travel that used to be directed toward America and Europe is now directed toward Asia.
Especially popular among young people in recent years are inexpensive air tickets that allow for flexibility in the setting of schedules.
So it is now quite common to find Japanese back-packers in almost any part of the world.