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What is the most common kind of wedding ceremony in Japan?

About 70% of Japanese weddings are conducted in Shinto style.
The next most common are those conducted in Christian style, followed by Buddhist-style weddings.
Most couples do not associate their chosen style of wedding with a religious faith.
In olden times the wedding ccremony was held in the husband's home.
Ceremonies in shrines became common in the Meiji period (1868-1912).
Christian-style ceremonies in churches are usually open only to Christians, but recently some churches admit couples who have taken classes on Christianity.
Hotels and wedding halls have facilities for both Shinto-style and Christian-style ceremonies, where Shinto priests and ministers come to preside over the ceremonies.
After the ceremony, commemorative photos are taken and wedding receptions are held.
A wedding reception is an event to make the couple's marriage public, to which friends and acquaintances are invited.