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What is lacquer?

It has a variety of attributes such as water resistance and adhesion

lacquertreeLacquer is a natural sap splendid from the lacquer tree.
It solidified by oxidation of urushiol, which is the main component of the lacquer sap, and it exert as paints and adhesives. Its power is not seen in other paint.
Lacquer has been used since ancient times for thousands of years to the present day.
lacquer is a safe paint, of course, heat strong, it does not change even touch the hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid.
The strength of the lacquer is almost the same as the polyurethane resin paint that has been used in furniture, but it rise to deep luster that can not be imitated in chemical products.
If the paint is attached to the hand, you can fall in one day, but lacquer does not fall about a week.
Also in the surface hardness of the coating film, lacquer is hardly scratched after a little time since painted, and it comes out shiny moist after well-thumbed.
Since Waterproof effect and adhesion of lacquer sap capitalize on wood or cloth or pottery and metal, people who have lived around lacquer own dough, has benefited from this plant.
Lacquer is strong to chemicals such as acid and alkali, durability, is the thermal insulation, water resistance, high antiseptic excellent natural paints.