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What is the current emperor like?

With the defeat of Japan in the Pacific War in 1945, the status of the emperor underwent a drastic change.
According to the new constitution, the emperor was transformed from the head of state to a symbol of the state.
The person who stood at the middie of this profound transformation was the Showa emperor, father of the current emperor, Akihito.
Akihito was 11 years old at the end of the Pacific War.
And, while democracy was being introduced to Japan under the occupation by American forces, in contrast to past emperors, he was given a new education, which included his tutelage in English under an American instructor, Elizabeth Vining, sent from the United States.
It was also a break from tradition when a person outside the royal family became the crown princess, and it is even more heartwarming to know that the crown prince fell in love with his future bride on a tennis court in Karuizawa.
In 1989, the crown prince succeeded the Showa emperor to become the current Heisei emperor.
He can be described as a man of a gentle disposition who stands firmly for peace.