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Obi (Sash)

An obi is a form of sash that is tied around the waist to hold a kimono in place.
It can be either formal or casual, depending on the fabric used and the way in which it is tied.
The Japanese have always placed special significance on the act of "tying."
It is believed that a knot has the power to restrain spiritual strength, and that by tying something firmly the knot can accumulate strength, thereby giving birth to new power.
Due to this philosophy, it is said that when a couple marry, they tie the knot," and as a result of this "tying together" they are able to give birth to new life.
There is a festival on November 15, in which children aged three, five, and seven visit their local shrine.
At this time, the three-year-old girls undergo an "obi-tying ceremony" which is done in order to prevent the soul from leaving the body as a result of illnesses and the like.
If you consider these things when you are putting on an obi, you will find that your thoughts will be completely different as you tie the knot.