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This kind of notepaper is smaller than ordinary writing paper and is ideal for writing short letters.
The most common type is oblong but it can come in all shapes and sizes - square, a size that will fit in the palm of the hand, or even gourd-shaped, and it is quite enjoyable to look at all the different types available atlarge stationery shops.
Often we will just want to write a short message, and if we use an ordinary sheet of letter paper, it will leave a lot of blank space that would look bad.
It is at such times that this type of notepaper proves ideal.
It is most common to use small, oblong notepaper when writing to somebody.
Good quality examples use the same kind of paper as that used for writing haiku or wakapoems, and they create a unique air of elegance.
This makes them a good device for displaying one's sophistication.
When you wish to send a small note together with a present, when you want to leave a message for somebody, or when you are sending off something connected with work, a single sheet of notepaper can be used to transmit your feelings to others.