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Postage Stamps

Japan boasts a huge variety of stamps.
Approximately 170 years have passed since stamps first began to be used in Japan.
Despite the relatively short history, japan has produced a huge variety of stamps including those featuring beautiful butterflies andother creatures, views of landscapes and festivals around the country, woodblockprints, national treasures, works of art, seasonal flowers, and much more.
If you were to collect these stamps, you could create a whole catalog of the country.
They cover every form of subject, and the sheer diversity of the pictures brings a smile to the face.
In addition to the usual oblong or square shapes, there are also round stamps or those that follow the outline of a character or figure.
They are the smallest souvenirs you can buy, and they are cheap too; if you wereto make a collection of them, it will be like a small art gallery.
Stamps are sold in post offices, but those for letters can also be purchased at convenience stores.
I recommend visiting the Japan Post Office website, where you can spend time browsing for the ones you want.