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Little envelopes for Monetary Gifts

These cute little envelopes are used when giving gifts of money to children on NewYear's or when giving tips.
In Japanese they are called pochibukuro,the name deriving from the Kansai region where they were originally used when tipping a geisha.
The word pochi means "small," or in Kansai, "tip."
If you look inside a large stationery shop in Japan, you will find a huge number of these small envelopes.
They are about the size of a business card but come in such a variety of shapes and designs that people never tire of looking at them.
Some have seasonal designs, others just writing; there are some with traditional wood-block-print pictures, children's cartoon characters, or chic designs for adults to give to other adults; they come in every style, and looking at the huge range that exists we can realize the richness and diversity of the Japanese people's aesthetics.
Their small size and the name, which means "something small" combine to express the fact that it is only a small gift, expressing the modesty of the giver.