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Everybody enjoys flying a kite.
People who fly a kite high up into the sky can feel the power of strong winds pulling it up ever higher and allowing them to experience the true pleasure of coming into contact with somewhere far beyond their reach - the sky.
When l was young, flying kites was one of the main pastimes carried out during the New Year's holidays, and kites were considered children's toys.
Before they became popular among the common people during the Edo period (1603-1868), kites were the playthings of the nobles and samurai.
It used to be said that "To look into the sky at New Year will promote good health."
This is because peop!e believed that looking into the sky at this season allowed them to absorb some of its chi or spirit.
If you fly a kite you will automatically spend a long time looking upward, absorbing the chi of the sky.
In this way, kite flying contains an element of magic and can be considered an auspicious pastime.
The ability to fly a kite well is totally dependent on an ability to keep it in balance, therefore it is no good to only apply strength in one direction, and one has to learn the importance of recognizing strength that moves in every direction.