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Tops spin around, seemingly endlessly.
When I was a child, we used to compete to see whose top would spin the longest, and we became totally engrossed as we spun them again and again.
In particular, there was a kind of small, metal top, called a beigoma string was wrapped around the base then pulled sharply to make it spin, and not so long agothese were extremely popular among boys.
They can still be seen for sale in toy shops, and come in a variety of shapes.
These small, cast-iron beigoma are produced in molds, creating a crisp, yet cute appearance.
Their designs make you want to collect them.
The interesting thing about a top is that the smoother the spindle or its revolutions, the longer it will spin.
Therefore childrenwho enjoy playing with tops will study as hard as they can in an effort to discover how to reduce any fluctuations or unnecessary movements.
Beigoma can be filed or otherwise modified, offering the perfect medium for children to explore their abilities.
It may even be said that by doing so, they are perhaps also able to learn how to bring their heart into balance and live without it fluctuating.
Games that have been played by children since olden times contain numerous different elements like this.