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This is a pastime in which the paper is simply folded, scissors and glue are notused.
Each fold is made sharply, and the feeling of accomplishment and joy at finally succeeding is not soon forgotten.
Origami is something everybody does in their child-hood.
The most popular models are the crane, balloon, boat, footman, airplane, and throwing star.
New designs are continually appearing but there are few that can boast the refined simplicity and appeal of traditional models like the crane.
As a general rule, the paper used is colored and square.
It is possible to buy sets of origami paper in numerous different patterns and colors.
If you want to bring out a Japanese flavor, gaily colored chiyogami is the ideal paper.
When making an origami model, it is important that the folds be made sharp and clean; accordingly, origami is useful in getting children to acquire dexterity.
Recently it has also received attention as a form of rehabilitation therapy for adults.