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Japanese candles

If you hold a Japanese candle in your hand, its texture and shiny surface will transmit the warmth of something handmade and fill you with a feeling of peace - this is the power of Japanese candles.
The designs of hand-painted candles range from the bold to the delicate, the nuance each picture varying according to the person who painted it.
Painted candles originated from a wish to offer flowers to the dead and to Buddha at a time of year when there were no real flowers available, so floral designs were applied to the candles to provide some color.
Today, in addition to floral motifs, there are also those suitable for the Girls' Day festival or with other auspicious designs.
Japanese candles are made by applying numerous coats of wax, that has been obtained from the fruit of the wax tree (Rhus succedanea), to a reed wick.
Compared to candles made from paraffin wax, they produce less smoke; the flame is rounder and wavers more, too.
If you light a Japanese candle and place it next to you while you are talking with others, you will notice that the flame sometimes wavers unevenly.
Children watch this with fascination and it causes adults to remember the existence of something that is invisible to the eye.