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The Seven Lucky Gods

The Seven Lucky Gods are believed to bring good fortune.
They are as follows:
Ebisu. He holds a fishing rod in his right hand and a sea bream in his left.
He originates from Japanese mythology.
Daikokuten. He sits on top of two rice bales, carrying a large sack over his left shoulder and a mallet in his right hand.
He originates from ancient India.
Bishamonten. He has a heroic appearance and was originally a Hindu god.
Benzaiten. The only female among the Seven Lucky Gods, she also originated in India.
Hotei. Originally a Chinese monk, he has a large stomach and carries a sack.
Said to be an incarnation of Maitreya, Buddha, he has the power to foretell the weather or people's fate.
Fukurokuju. Believed to have been an actual hermit who lived in China, he is an incarnation of the Southern Cross constellation.
Jurojin. He is usually accompanied by a deer and carries a long staff.
He originates from China.
Originating from a variety of countries, Ebisu is the only one with Japanese roots.
This demonstrates the character of the Japanese who borrow from foreign cultures, adapting them to their own.