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Good-Luck Charms

These charms are sold or given away at shrines and temples.
A vast variety of types exist and they can be found throughout the country.
People carry them in their daily lives as they are thought to attract good luck while fending off evil.
Basically, they contain a charm of paper, wood, cloth, or metal inside a bag that has been tied tightly with a cord to prevent the contents from being seen.
The reason why the cord is tied so securely is to trap the power of the charm inside.
It is believed that if the bag is opened, the power will spill out and cease to be so efficacious.
Temples and shrines throughout the country offer charms whose origins are unique to the place.
The vast number oflegends concerning the founding of these temples and shrines reflect the richness of Japanese culture.
There are even some shrines that provide several hundred different types of charms.