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In Japan small bowls are used to serve rice and soup.
Semi-spherical in shape, they are just the right size to fit inside the hand, although as people's hands are not all the same size, it is best to try several in order to find one that fits you.
Rice is the staple food of the Japanese, and so a bowl is something that is used every day.
Bowls are made of a variety of materials, including wood, ceramics, metal, and plastic.
Bowls made of wood with a coating of natural urushi lacquer are popular for soup,vermilion or dark brown being popular colors, and they are an example of traditional handcraft.
Cold foods remain cold and hot foods remain hot when they are served in lacquered vessels, and the more they are used, the deeper and more beautiful the colors become.
Lacquerware a long history in Japan, with the oldest known decorative lacquer object dating back 9,000 years.
Lacquer bowls can take several months to produce and, as a result, they are quite expensive.
But if they are treated with care, they can last for generations.