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What type of cooking techniques are used to prepare fish commonly eaten in Japan?

If the fish is fresh enough, sashimi, or thinly sliced raw fish, is preferred by many people.
It is eaten with Japanese horseradish, ginger and soy sauce.
Raw fish is also eaten in the form of sushi, but since preparing sushi requires special skills, it is not often made at home.
The most frequently used cooking technique is grilling with salt sprinkled on top of the fish.
Any fish except for red-meat fish such as tuna can be cooked this way.
Teriyaki is prepared by marinating fillets of fish in a soy-sauce-based sauce, and grilling while basting with the sauce.
Sometimes fish is boiled over low heat using soy sauce or miso, soybean paste.
Fish that is heavily marbled such as mackerel is suited for these cooking techniques.
Shrimp. prawn, squid and white-meat fish are eaten in ternpura, or deep-fried.
Western techniques such as meuniere have been adopted in Japanese cuisine, but Japanese traditional cooking is still the most common as far as fish is concerned.