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What is the proper way to hold chopsticks?

Many youngsters nowadays are not able to hold chopsticks properly.
Perhaps the reason is that they are more accustomed to eating Western food with forks and spoons.
To hold chopsticks properly, start by separating the two chopsticks, then place them horizontally parallel to each other on the index finder and under the thumb.Put the middle of the upper chopstick between the finger pad of the index finger and the nail side of the middle finger.
Place the thumb on top of the upper chopstick.
Use the finger pad of the middle finger and the nail side of the ring finger to hold the middle of the lower chopstick.
Using the principle of leverage, you only move the upper chopstick to pick up food.
It is considered ill-mannered to poke food with chopsticks, to lick the tips of the chopsticks, or to use chopsticks for picking your teeth!