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Is rice still the mainstay of the Japanese diet?

It is true that many Japanese feel like eating rice at least once a day, although some have bread for breakfast and noodles for lunch.
The following Table of Food Suppply and Demand from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries indicates the daily amount of rice and flour consumed per capita.

                1960                1980                2001
Rice    314.9 grams    216.3 grams    174.2 gsrams
Flour    70.6 grams    88.3 grams        87.9 grams

The above chart shows that while the level of rice consumption has greatly decreased, that of flour has stayed almost the same.
In fact, the diet of the Japanese has become increasingly dependent on other ingredients such as meat, dairy products, and fruits rather than carbohydrates such as rice and bread.
A survey reveals that in 2001, people ate 5.3 times as much meat, 4.2 times as much milk and dairy products, and twice as much fruit as in 1960.