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What is the typical diet of the Japanese?

Japanese eating habits have become quite diverse with all the changes of Westernization.
One of the major changes is the introduction of bread.
Manv people now eat bread and eggs and drink coffee, tea or milk for breakfast.
Decades ago, workers often took packed lunches to the office, but nowadays any kind of dish ranging from Western to Japanese is available in restaurants near office buildings.
Most elementary and junior high schools have school lunch programs, offering well-balanced meals specially designed for fast-growing children.
Dinners served at home are also diverse, including Japanese, Chinese and Western dishes.
A typical dinner consists of rice, soup. and several dishes containing meat, fish, and vegetables,
Generally speaking, children prefer Western food such as hamburgers, curry with rice, or spaghetti to traditional Japanese dishes, and in many families the meals are made according to the children's preferences.