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On what occasions do people wear kimono?

Very few people, except some elderly and those who wear them out of professional necessity, wear kimono daily.
On New Year's Day some men and women wear kimono to bask in the holiday mood, and some women wear them on the first working day of the year.
Babies are often dressed in kimono on their first viisit to a shrine, and at the shichi-go-san festival, many children are dressed in kimono, although a growing number of parents choose Western clothes over kimono on this occasion.
Coming-of-Age Day, wedding ceremonies, graduation ceremonies and formal parties provide women opportunities to wear kimono.
People in the world of traditional arts such as Japanese dancers and workers at Japanese-style restaurants need to wear them more often than most people.
Yukata, which is made of cotton, is a kind ofworn in kimono worn in summer or as pajamas at Japanese-style inns.
Since It is considered very casual, one is not supposed to wear it on formal occasions.