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Which Japanese musicians are active internationally?

In the postwar period, many young musicians have won awards at international music competitions and are active world-wide.
The first of these internationally acclaimed musicians is Ozawa Seiji, resident conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra.
In 2002 Ozawa became musical director of the Vienna National Opera.
This is the first time in musical history that a person of Oriental extraction has achieved such a high-level position in the tradition-bound world of European opera.
Although she is still young, violinist Goto Midori has already joined the top ranks of performers.
An American textbook has even included an episode from one of Goto's concerts, during which she borrowed the concert master's violin when one of her strings suddenly snapped and coolly continued to play.
Pianist Uchida Mitsuko has become famous worldwide for her performances of Mozart.
Soprano Nakamaru Michie can best be described as having not just singing talent but also a striking stage presence which wins great respect in Europe.
Musicians outside of classical music who are active worldwide include Kitaro and Tomita isao, both composers and performers of synthesizer music, and Sakamoto Ryuichi, who was awarded an Academy Award for Best Soundtrack.