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Who are the famous comic book artists in Japan?

Although it is almost impossible to count the number of gifted comic book artists, two are definitely deserving of mention.
First of all1, there is Tezuka Osamu (1928-89).
He produced a number of famous works, including Astro Boy, a story about the adventures of a brave and kind-hearted robot boy, and Jungle King, a story about a lion who is groomed to become the leader of the forest.
He is considered the father of Japanese animated film.
The other is Hasegawa Machiko (1920-92).
Her four-frame comic strip, Sazaesan centers around a young wife and gives a comic look into the daily life of her three-generation family.
Ever since it first appeared in the newspapers as a serialized comic strip, it has warmed the hearts of adults and children throughout Japan.
Even today, the comic strip sells well in book form, and the TV animated program based on the strip is also very popular.