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What kinds of books and magazines do Japanese read?

The Japanese are avid readers of various types of publications.
Their reading trends are characterized as follows: weekly magazines are widely read by people of all ages.
Magazines catering to men in their 30s, which deal with a wide range of topics such as politics and social problems. nude photos, comics and serial novels boast large circulations.
Ladies' weekly magazines featuring gossip and scandal involving celebrities, and articles providing practical knowledge of daily life also sell several hundred thousand copies.
Magazines specializing in manga are widely read by young people.
Some sell several million copies every week.
Popular manga are turned into books after serialization in weekly or monthly magazines, most of which enjoy long-running popularity.
Pocket books, bunko and shinsho, which are inexpensive and small enough to read in a crowded train, have become an integral part of the reading habits of the Japanese.
Now virtually every genre of readineg is available in this form.