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  • Type
  • By the production process, it is classified brewed sake (seishu), distilled liquor (shochu), hybrid wine (mirin), synthetic sake. In general,sake that matches the food is brewed sake. The thing that was made especially for cooking, flavor, taste is rich.
    Seishu   Seishu sake
    Sake is made ​​by the ingredient rice, rice koji, and water.
    Some are made to taste by changing the ingredients and manufacturing methods, fit the cuisine "Ryori-seishu".
    Ryorishu   Ryori-shu cooking sake
    Seasoned sake, added salt in an alcohol. To target outside the Liquor Tax Act by the "Do not drink" to liquor by the addition of salt, it is a low price.
  • Manufacturing process
  • Sake is made ​​by the alcoholic fermentation in the power of yeast.
    At first, scrape the outside of rice. Then, steam rice, mix bred it with the spores of Aspergillus "malted rice". And charge in a tank containing a yeast rice, steamed rice, rice koji, and water. It is usually done in three times. Sugar turns into alcohol in about three weeks, fermentation will end. Then the burning to stop the action of the enzyme, through the ripening of the summer, it will be shipped in the fall.
  • History
  • The sake of using the koji, is recorded in the books of the Nara period. In the early Heian period, sake of various types seems to have been done in the process similar to modern. The Azuchi Momoyama period, started to use milled rice, and made sake clear by straining the mash as now we do​​. In the Edo period, technology of rancidity prevention is applied, mass production began.