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Genealogy of Super robot animes

  • A lot of Super robot animes have been produced in Japan since 1960's.
    Oldest work was Gigantor in 1963, the navigator operated the robot remotely.
    The type that the navigator boards the robot as a pilot starts from Mazinger Z (1972).
    The works of encouraging good and punishing evil type, Go Nagai original such as Great Mazinger andGetter Robo were telecasted in the first half of the 70's.
    Though each company started producing after the latter half of the 70's, a simple composition that the justice roots out evil didn't change.
    At that time, it is one of the reasons because viewers with the main animes were children that a comprehensible story was valued.

    In the meantime, epoch making affair was Mobile Suit Gundam telecasted in 1979.
    Not a so-called hero type but either of weak boy who controlled Gundam.
    The feature of the main story was that usual boy faces conflict and he grows up holding peculiar worry to adolescence.

    In the 80's, more and more Super robot animes were made by such as Sunrise.
    Space Runaway Ideon, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Armored Trooper Votoms, and Patlabor are the works still deep-rooted fan exists.

    Afterwards, though the Super robot animes have not changed especially, a big transition stage was faced by Neon Genesis Evangelion telecasted in 1995.
    In Evangelion, the conflict of mind of pilot boy was described more deeply, and the story was not preestablished harmony development like Gundam.
    Though various Super robot animes arises afterwards, experimental story that Evangelion left has exerted a large influence on the anime works.