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Genealogy of Sport animes

  • Sport anime, called Spo-kon anime indicates the works that draws the effort and the growth of the hero who works on the game.

    A typical sport anime of the first period is a Star of the Giants (1968).
    It invented a lot of writing a play and the drawing methods as a typical model of the anime of Japan.
    The one is a drama composition to draw the story in a continuous broadcasting.
    By seeing worldwide, though almost animes were one story conclusion type, Star of the Giants was progressing the story spending years and it can be said that it was a very innovative.
    Another feature is a drawing method.
    Within the constraints of a small number of frames, the quality of one picture was improved, and slow motion, freeze-frame for movement were devised, and theatrics that gave the tension to the person who saw was invented.

    The historical background at the telecast time strongly influences popularly about the sport anime.
    In the 70's in the 60's, professional sport animes, the popularity of baseball was reflected especially, Star of the Giants (1968), Samurai Giants (1973), and Dokaben (1976), etc. were telecasted.
    The popularity of volleyball that Japan team won a gold medal at Tokyo Olympics in 1964 was received, Attack No. 1 (1969) was telecasted.
    There were also several popular combative sport animes at that time, such as Tiger Mask (1969) of wrestling, Judo Boy (1969) of judo, and Ashita no Joe (1970) of boxing.

    Captain Tsubasa was popular among 1983 though the popularity of soccer was unable to move upward for a long time in Japan.
    Since those days, the hero of the sport animes came to be often drawn as beautiful boy character, and came to look different Supo-kon covered with the sweat before considerably.
    This was a general tendency to the sport anime in the 80's, and the work to which the love play occupied the kernel of the story like baseball anime Touch (1985).

    The popularity rating of the sport anime has an element based on peculiar circumstances to Japan to be in a multi amount though it also has an element in which a social background at that time is reflected.
    For instance, baseball is not necessarily so in America and European countries though it is popular for a long time in Japan.
    Moreover, there are countries with the custom that sport is doing one, and is not seeing one, etc.