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Genealogy of Magical girl animes

  • There is a traditionally genre "Magical girl" in the animes of Japan.
    It is said as a peculiar genre worldwide that girl hero has special power "Magic".
    There are not a lot of works drawn the girl as a hero out of Japan.
    It is moreover because it is rejected that magic is affirmed according to the country for religious reasons.

    The first work was a Sally the Witch (1966).
    Genre of the cartoon of "girls' comics" existed in Japan, and sentimental was an article for sale in it for a long time.
    And television began just to spread at that time, and Sally the Witch was made pursuing the comedy color so that boys might also enjoy it.
    As a result, Sally the Witch became a big hit.

    Follwing a Sally the Witch, such as Himitsu no Akko-chan(1969), Mahō no Mako-chan(1970), Sarutobi Ecchan(1971), Mahōtsukai Chappy(1972), Miracle Girl Limit-chan(1973), and Majokko Megu-chan(1974) have been broadcast.
    The point how to use the specific ability for surrounding man was mainly drawn from these magic girls until the 70's.

    In the 80's, in Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel(1983) and Magical Emi, the Magic Star(1985), boy characters appeared as the partner, and how to make to consider the boys fan has become clear.

    And after the 90's, starting on Sailor Moon(1992), partner characters were increasing such as Ojamajo Doremi(1999) and Futari wa Pretty Cure(2005), and have details that "Cooperation" and "Friendship" become the main themes.