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Iconic works of SF anime

  • It is SF animes that especially a lot of the fans exist though there are various genres in the TV animation of Japan.
    There are some works that became chances of the especially explosive anime boom.

    Space Battleship Yamato (1974)
    yamatoIn Space Battleship Yamato, detailed settings such as the descriptions of the combat and the human dramas and SF gadgets developed in that were very novel as the anime in the 1970's.
    It was widely shown that it became a large boom that can be said the social phenomenon, and a wide viewer to the young person layer existed in the anime thought to be child's.
    It was a work to Galaxy Express 999, Gundam, Macross, and Evangelion to which the anime boom was heralded.
    First half of the 1970's, many anime works represented "Ruin" and "Pollution", there is a record that producer Nishizaki planned stimulation to "The ground of the migration is requested from space escaping from the crisis situation of the earth" influenced in 'Earth escape' of Robert A Heinlein.
    And cartoonist Leiji Matsumoto took charge of a supervisor and a set design influences it in a multi amount in the charm of Yamato.
    He described mechanism and coexistence of man and machine, beautiful female characters.
    They all had the shocking impact and the boom of Leiji Matsumoto occurred.
    Since this work various changes took place in the anime field of Japan.
    At first, the participation of the circle of the anime began to increase by Yamato in the comic market though the girls comics were main before.
    The radio actor boom from the 1970's to the 1980's is said as an influence that the anime radio actor is paid to attention by the hit of Yamato.
    Moreover, Yamato was greatly influenced creators after.
    Hideaki Anno and Yutaka Izubuchi said that "There was no my present self when there was no Yamato".

    Mobile Suit Gundam (1979)
    GundamA lot of robots appear as a character in the animes of Japan.
    In those animes, though the huge robot that is called a super-robot is usual drawn as arms, but characters control robots enlarge existence of the robots, and the image of the entire work is colored and enriched.
    Therefore, it is feature that the huge robot is not shown simply as arms, and it seems to be humanly.
    Huge robot series started from the Gigantor, and continued Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, etc. reached one top by the Mobile Suit Gundam.
    Although Gundam is the weapon only, but operator is a usual boy who is not a soldier nor the arms developer either.
    Moreover, the boy doesn't only have especially strong power but also holds the conflict in the mind of oneself.
    It is far apart from a past hero image.
    The mental conflict, growing up, fighting, and even in the area what the justice and man, complex story composition appealed to the viewer and were pushed into something exceptional works.

    Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995)
    yamatoIn Evangelion, the conflict of the mind of the hero who follows Gundam is promoted further, and feelings of a modern young person are drawn more in full scale and in detail.
    In the story that the hero became even a mental collapse by setting a fierce plot that was killed of sworn friends who led the hero to growth and became the disabled, there was already a robot only as a mere supporting player.
    The feature in Evangelion is to be given priority in man's psychology, no past style of the justice's knocking down evil and facing the finale.
    Moreover, many of the mystery on which it was sprinkled everywhere made the viewer cause dyspepsia, and started up a lot of discussions.