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Features of TV anime

  • Fewer drawing number
    The TV animation production started in the 1960's in Japan by Toei Animation and Mushi production that Osamu Tezuka had made.
    It was decided to assume that production capacity did not catch up in having made the full motion anime, 24 scenes per second so that the Mushi production kept making the program for 30 minutes once a week of broadcasting, and to make it eight scenes per second.
    The device of the movement of the picture with busy of other stop pictures, the pull pictures, lip syncs, and banks and cameras etc. was given.
    Thus, it is Astroboy that broadcasting started in 1963.
    Thereafter, the TV animation of Japan more or less has the history that has been pursuing the expression by these few scenes.
    When a part of the body of the character moves, it becomes an expression where it always moves somewhere from the idea with a natural movement also of another part in the full motion animated cartoons that Disney started.
    On the other hand, the anime has features such as the minute descriptions to make in few scenes, and multiusing the expression that uses "Among" for the psychological portrait.

    Lot of works have origins in comics
    Astroboy's original is a comics.
    Therefore, there was an advantage in which familiar children were able to be taken into the atom with the anime as a viewer.
    The fan of the comics is pulled as it is as a fan of the anime, and at the same time as need not being necessary to think about the original not to understand whether to become a hit newly and becoming it by making the anime based on this because there are a lot of popular comicss in Japan.
    The viewer can be solicited because the market can be steadily secured and over a long period of time, and it contribute also to sales of the comics character merchandise and the confectionery, etc. that the sponsor sells.
    Moreover, it can be said as there are a lot of works that consequentially value the writer character that the original is a comics.
    The above-mentioned tendency is to be able to say also to a lot of present anime in Japan.

    Acceptable to adult
    Most of the anime produced from the 1960's to the 1970's, had content intended for the child, especially 12 years old or less.
    However, the feature has been that the number of works of the content accepted also by the adult diversifying the targeted viewer layer now, for instance, describing a psychological conflict of the enemy character, describing the fantasy in real.
    Moreover, it will be able to be said that there are features that environmental problems as theme, and the dignity of man is drawn, and a lot of works made for the young adult.