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Employment and long-term stay

In the case of work to obtain the reward in Japan, or stay more than 90 days in Japan, you need to have the status of residence (visa).
Visa is currently 27 types in Japan, you must have to any one of visa.

If the stay of essentially constant period, employment of qualified will be given only to a limited work.
Public work, interpreters, lawyers, doctors, researchers, culture, arts, education, media, these can be work as work that has been limited.
On the other hand, there is also entitled to work without restriction.
Well to the eye it is a permanent resident qualification, but there is a much higher hurdle, including such long-term stay.
Also, as the simple case application, you can get a smooth to permit if you are married or a parent and Japanese married.
As an exception, working holiday or internship you can get an income only "certain activities".

Roughly divided into the residence status of 27 types are defined in the Immigration Control Act, there are three large following.

1.Purpose of employment activity

Technology, entertainment, humanities knowledge and international business, relocation within the company, skills, business management (investment management), legal, accounting, health care, research, education, diplomatic, official, professor, art, religion, the press, etc.

2.Purpose of the non-work activities
Short stay, study, school, training, cultural activities, family stay, specific activity

3.Eligibility based on the status or position
Spouse of Japanese, permanent resident, permanent resident spouse