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Prepaid SIM

There is effect of the depreciation of the yen, it is increasing tourists to Japan from overseas.
Along with it, for foreigners SIM card that can be used in cheap, so-called visitor SIM is becoming to be able to buy easily.

For example, Bic Camera, quickly established a SIM counter to perform sales and procedure of "BIC SIM", Kakuyasu SIM (cheap SIM) or SIM free smartphone even when compared with other retailers have been enhanced.

For foreigners SIM services also, by the company to provide, they have begun to show a variety of features.
From Telecom Square, prepaid SIM trimmed the service foundation BIGLOBE as MVNE business "Wi-Ho! (R) Prepaid SIM (Waiho prepaid Sim)" was released.
Telecom Square store of Narita and Haneda Airport, also sales started at the New Chitose Airport, is also sequentially sale plan in the international airport of stores such as Kansai International Airport and the Fukuoka Airport.
Price usage period is 30 days, has become open price, but two of the plan of the reference price as [1GB] 4,167 yen (excluding tax) / [3GB] 6,019 yen (excluding tax) is provided.
The feature, support professional staff to APN setting, for customers with devices that can not use a SIM card, rental of Wi-Fi router,
provide telephone interpretation services up to three times for free.
At first glance, it is expensive image compared to the general cheap SIM, however to come to Japan and started immediately SIM service in the airport, when it comes free telephone interpretation service comes with, also peace of mind is different.

Towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, it will be born a variety of foreigners service.