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Mobile phone circumstances in Japan

2016 currently, the number of subscriptions for mobile phones in Japan, about 90% of the major mobile phone carriers, 10 percent have occupied MVNO called Kakuyasu SIM (cheap SIM).
Major mobile phone carrier, NTT DoCoMo, au, Softbank, they have sales offices in Japan either, and have almost same service.
As greatly difference from the mobile phone company overseas, they are selling in sets the terminal and the line, and you are not be able to use a third-party SIM card over the lock to the terminal.
Also, if you pay the terminal price in installment, devoted a discount of call charges on installment price, it is also said to feature're cheaper substantially terminal price.
For those reasons, many of the Japanese people tend to stay in the three carriers.

The past few years in such, companies provide a low-cost line called Kakuyasu SIM (cheap SIM) are being increased its share.
Kakuyasu SIM (cheap SIM) is a service that MVNO borrowed the leading line carriers such as DoCoMo has to offer, although the toll is in the pay-as-you-go, data communication fee is very cheap, for users who do not much use the call, very charming service.

Grouping of MVNO conpanies

  • IIJ
  • OCN
  • So-net
  • mineo
Group of IIJ
  • IIJmio
  • DMMmobile
  • BB.excite SIM LTE
  • hi-ho
  • Panasonic
Group of OCN
  • OCN mobile ONE
  • NTT plala
  • FUSION(Rakuten mobile)
  • nifty(NifMo)
  • Tiki Tiki
Group of KDDI
  • UQ mobile
Group of DTI
  • U-mobile
  • TONE
  • freetel
  • PC depot
  • wireless gate