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Consumer finance in Japan

If you are a foreigner, you can borrow the money.
In Japan, there are unsecured loan service called caching or card loan.
Providing the card loan are bank and consumer finance.
Although consumer finance is loosened examination, interest rates are at an elevated, the bank severely examination, interest rate will be cheaper.

Conditions for foreigners through the examination of the card loan

  • Having a special permanent resident certificate or a residence card.
  • The case of a bank, you need a permanent residence permit.
  • You have an address in Japan.
  • Steady income
  • Whether resident status remains long.
  • You can understand Japanese of about terms and conditions.

Consumer finance recommended for foreigners

Conditions apply : having a permanent residence permit.

Conditions apply : having Residence card, Alien registration certificate, Special permanent resident certificat.

Screening criteria in the case of the Japanese

If the applicant is Japanese, there is a fixed income, when it is assumed that it is the age of majority to have the insurance card, the problem primarily is borrowing history and financial history of accidents. These data are stored for a certain period in the credit information agency from the time of the last review, for example, there is a delay of more than three months of payment within the past five years, or if there is a lot of borrowing, the person will be refused a loan. In addition, because in Japan there is a law that the total amount of regulation, the person can only borrow up to one-third of the annual income.
As well as the credit card, consumer finance companies are affiliated to CIC and JICC.
Even the occupations and application number is important, is the same as the credit card.