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To issue a credit card in Japan

Credit card examination of foreigners

In order to get a credit card for foreigners, you must meet certain of review by the credit card company. Point of a typical review are as follows.


You need presentation of documents that can confirm the person, such as residence card, health insurance card, driver's license, passport.
In addition, you need your bank account, seal, even such as a mobile phone.

Steady income

The amount of money that was available in the card, will be judged whether you can repay without any problems.
Annual income, employment status, service period are review points.


In addition to the residence of the location, residence life and living arrangements are the examination points.
If your residential lives of less than one year, or moving number is large, the examination of credit card will be severely.

Application history

For examination information of the credit card is to remain for six months in the credit information agency, not to sign up too much.

Credit cards recommended for foreigners

It is the period of living in Japan to be most important in examination of the credit card. The longer the period of stay in Japan, raise the credit quality, examination of the credit card will be advantageous. Such as Rakuten card, Yahoo!JAPAN card, Seven Card, Saison card, issued by shopping malls and supermarkets are relatively examination has been said to be loose.

Rakuten card
Admission fee and annual fee are free lifetime.
If you use Rakuten market point is five times.
Adding Overseas travel accident insurance up to 20 million yen.
You can easily sign up on the Internet.

Yahoo!JAPAN card
Admission fee and Annual fee is free lifetime.
1 point reduction per 100 yen.
It can use as T point card.

Screening criteria in the case of the Japanese

If the applicant is Japanese, it is credit history that is most important in the examination item, registered in the credit information agency.
The credit information agency that credit companies are affiliated, there is a CIC and JICC.
In the credit information agency, presence or absence of borrowing, and presence or absence of arrears has been registered.
The following important is the annual income and occupation.
In general, office workers are not much of a problem because income is stable so that it can be expected a neat repayment. Even the part-time workers, it seems they are considered in the same manner, depending on the annual income and length of service, and if he is in a workplace can take the phone confirmation. On the other hand, such as the self-employed, housewives, domestic help, pensioners will be a high hurdle.
In addition, it will also be a problem application multiple. When sign up the card, leaving a record that was referenced by the card company to CIC. After this, it will be recorded if impassable to review the "conclusion of a contract." Then, if the conclusion of a contract even after one month record does not exist, it means that the rejected. If there are many defeated record, it is suspected from the credit card company, it will be difficult to pass the examination. Since the recording will remain for six months, the application number is considered reasonable until about 3 by six months.