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Opening a bank account in Japan

Requirements to open a bank account

  • Having a long-stay visa of 90 days or more, and staying in Japan for more than 6 months. Person of short-term stay (within 90 days) can not open a bank account in Japan.
  • Identity verification documents
    Residence card or Special permanent resident certificate or Health insurance card or Passport or Driver's license within the expiration date.
  • Documents can prove the current address
    Residence card or special permanent resident certificate or original receipts and invoices of mobile phone, water, gas and electricity charges.
  • Seal
  • Phone number

Recommended Bank

Compared with other banks, regulation to foreigners is not severe.
If it is possible to align what you need to open an account, it is rare that stated otherwise.
In addition, because of the possible correspondence in English, recommended for those who are not confident in Japanese.
Features, without issuing a passbook, is that you can check the transactions in net banking.
It is useful because you can withdraw in the Seven Bank ATM all over Japan.
ATM withdrawal fee and account maintenance fee are both free.

Japan Post Bank
Though English is not supported, the most low hurdle bank for foreigners who wanted to try to open an account.
If you prepare what you need to open an account, you can open an account immediately.
However, duration of stay in Japan is a case of less than six months, it can not be overseas remittance payment.
Many number of stores and ATM installed base, also has a store in the post offices in Japan.